Weekend Box Office: “Chainsaw” massacres “Django,” “Hobbit” and “Les Mis”

Based on Friday night’s numbers, “Texas Chainsaw 3D” will collect maybe $25 million this weekend, enough to slip past “Django Unchained” and all the rest on this first weekend of 2013.

“Chainsaw” — the “massacre” is silent — did over $10 million late Thursday and all day and night Friday.

It’s on a LOT of screens, it’s in 3D, and it’s the only “new” movie to go into wide release this weekend.

“”Django” did over $6. “Hobbit” right around $6 and “Les Miserables” in the $4-5 range. That puts “Django” finally ahead of “Les Mis” in the US box office. Both films opened Christmas Day, but “Django” has held onto audience longer.

“Promised Land” opened wider and cracked the top ten, dropping  “Silver Linings” out of it.

Both will clear the $100 million mark — or come very close —  by the end of the weekend.

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