Box Office: “Kong” crunches “Logan,” “Get Out” about to pass “Fifty Shades”

kong1Warner Brothers managed the near impossible — hurling a bunch of respected character actors, including an Oscar winner, at a giant monkey that has been filmed to death — and made money on it.

A $52 million opening weekend take for a movie that bashes the Vietnam Era US military, tries to lift Brie Larson out of Indie filmdom and lets Tom Hiddleston take a stab at playing an action hero? Call that a win. I found the effects impressive but the “Apocalypse Now” riff grating and a stretch. But no matter. Most reviewers swooned over “Skull Island,” and audiences have bought in.

“Logan,” which got even better and better deserved reviews, fell off quite a bit on its second weekend. A $36 million take, if Saturday and Sunday don’t turn it around. Not bad, but not epic. Fox was wise to get out of the Wolverine business when it did.

“Get Out” continues to be the phenomenon of this late winter, doing another $21 (projections were around $18-19). It’ll be over $111 by Monday AM, and will pass Universal’s other Feb. hit, “Fifty Shades Darker” by late in the week.

Teenagers are barely getting around to “Before I Fall,” but it held audience on its second weekend. Kids these days. Another $3 million, anyway.

“Table 19” is fading away, “Moonlight” will make another million or so and then head to video — about $27-28 million in total for a Best Picture winner. Not great.


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