Box Office: “Sully” close to $35, “Bough Breaks” $14.5, “Wild Life” under $3

boxSaturday didn’t save the French kids’ cartoon “The Wild Life.” A lifeless “Robinson Crusoe” adaptation with nary a laugh in it — nicely animated, but still — won’t even open to $3 million, which is beneath “bomb.” Pity they didn’t spend a cent on casting up and joking up the English language version.

“Don’t Breathe” finishes the weekend over $66 million, destined to come close to $80, when every ticket has sold.

“Sully,” the weekend winner from Warners’? It had a good Saturday to go with a beefy Friday night, and should clear $35 million if Sunday’s numbers are healthy. Older audience for Clint and Tom movies, so Sunday could be a good day.

“When the Bough Breaks,” an African-American cast thriller, may clear $15 with a big Sunday, which past performance suggests is a big day for this audience to show up.

“The Disappointments Room” is a bomb, dumped on the first weekend of the fall film season to little effect.

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