No, Daniel Craig won’t be coming back to Bond


Radar Online is reporting, and assorted British newspapers are doing what British newspapers do — stealing that reporting — that Sony and the Broccoli family and other producers backing the James Bond franchise are offering Daniel Craig $150 million Yankee greenbacks to return to the role for two more films.

Craig’s people have shot it down, because that’s a ridiculous amount seeing as how the films have shown diminishing returns, and it’s twice the amount he was reportedly offered back in May. Craig looked halfway out the door with “Spectre.” Two thirds of the way through it, he took on that “When is this over?” gaze. He met his obligation, and I said at the time in reviewing it (fanboy protests and British make-up-news scandal sheets notwithstanding) he was done. He’s young enough to more than manage a Pierce Brosnan length career post-Bond. And he’s a better actor, better than being pigeonholed like that.

Done. Find somebody else. But start with hiring a great screenwriter and it’ll be easier to fill the role, because that’s been an ongoing issue with this venerable franchise — crappy, recycled scripts.


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