Box Office: “Star Trek” does a fast fade, “Ice Age” bombing, “Lights Out” holds the line

boxThe pre-release predictions that “Star Trek Beyond” wasn’t going to revive the franchise that “Star Trek Into Darkness” deflated have proven true.

So, kudos to Box Office Mojo and Box Office Guru for calling this one right. A step fall-off Saturday means that “Star Trek Beyond” will be lucky to do will be lucky to do $56 million on its opening weekend. That’s assuming that Sunday doesn’t fade more than Sundays typically do.

I get the distinct impression that this movie’s most ardent fans have seen it, Wed., late Thursday or Friday. When the actuals are announced Monday, closer to $50 may be the result. Kudos to me if that’s the case, as I got the distinct impression that the polished, fan-pandering product they delivered was only going to have a certain amount of appeal, and marketing wasn’t going to overcome that.

“Lights Out” now stands to clear $20 million. “Ice Age” won’t come close. Stick a fork in that squirrel. And mastodon. is still insisting “Hillary’s America,” the Dinesh D;Souza political documentary in which the con man ex-con foreigner discovers “the secret history of the Democratic Party” (Careful, Dinesh. Reminding conservatives how racist the Democrats used to be might prompt them to change their affiliation) won’t crack the top 10.  That film won’t lose as much audience Sunday as expected and could very well break into the top ten.

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