So, what’s up with “Star Trek: Beyond”?

We know there’s this dust-up between George Takei, the original Sulu, and screenwriter/actor Simon Pegg, who outed the new Sulu in the new film. Zachary “Mr. Spock” Quinto, out and proud, has weighed in. 

We know that Justin Lin, whose directing credits don’t inspire awe — in anyone — was behind the camera.

But otherwise, “Star Trek: Beyond,” the finale in this “trilogy” of the franchise, is as silent as space itself.

It opens next week. And a quick poll of critic friends across the country reveals, no word yet on preview screenings. I’ve got previews of “Absolutely Fabulous” and “Lights Out,” “Cafe Society” and “Captain Fantastic” and the like.

And I’ve made direct inquiries of Paramount. Silence.

UPDATED: I am hearing now that the option that the studio is floating is seeing it at the end of the marathon Trekathon theaters are showing Wed., July 20. Which is better than no preview at all, but hardly a ringing endorsement of what they think they’re releasing. 



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