Box Office: All Glory to “Dory,” a $134 million opening weekend record

boxPixar’s magic touch has never been more magical. “Finding Dory,” the “Finding Nemo” sequel, is on pace to set the opening weekend box office record for animated films.

$134 million, per

The most beloved Pixar (Disney Pixar) title to never earn a sequel, it’s earned terrific reviews and didn’t really need them, with that “Finding” brand and “Disney” brand and “Pixar” brand going for it. Staggering numbers.

To compare, the grossly inferior Finnish “Angry Birds” movie has just cleared $100 million, after a month in release.

The sun hasn’t set on Kevin Hart, for those who worried about the Little Man. He’s headed to a buddy picture $32-33 million take with “Central Intelligence.”

Yeah, reviews were mixed. He ends up being second banana to The Rock, after all. But it’s funny enough and there you go.

Of last weekend’s openings, “Warcraft” fell off a cliff. A 72% drop is what we in the business call “A Tyler Perry Plummet.” That plunge would be enough to stagger even those die-hards who loaded my review with enraged comments. Except, you know, numbers, percentages and what not befuddle them. The dears. They think the fact that it’s huge in China is a counter-argument for its quality. China. Where anti-freeze in dogfood and communism are still in fashion.

A POS vid game adaptation in which only adherents could find anything to embrace. Sorry. Only fans could love. Big words. Apologies, “Warcrafters.”

“Now You See Me” held a lot more audience, as did “Conjuring 2.”



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