Movie Preview: “Assassin’s Creed”


Another video game turned into a movie? I thought they’d all but given up that pitch? But no, Hollywood “branding uber alles” and such. Ubisoft is a big reason I never got addicted to video games. Glitchy titles in the games that interested me.

Michael Fassbender takes on the lead role in this modern-guy-goes-to-the-15th century to learn “mad skillz” to help him with present day battles.

Like Jeremy Irons, Fassbender will show up for a high paying gig and has no issues with “commercial” projects, even though he’s one of the best actors to not win an Oscar. He classes up this first trailer for the movie, which opens in December.

This cultural meme “Exceptional skills from the past we’ve lost” is a favorite of film and fiction in general. Since the passing on of such information generation to generation is the chief difference between those days and now (We’re no smarter, we just have easy access to all this acquired knowledge), that makes a certain amount of sense. But as the passing on of info was the chief barrier to advancement of any skill in any field, how these wizard warriors are supposed to have learned what they know is a comical mystery. One person’s knowledge, passed person to person, would be seriously limited.

But it’s a video game and I’m over thinking it.

What matters is the thinly credentialed behind the camera talent and a trailer that has some eye candy, and two Oscar winners (Irons and Cotillard), but no sizzle.

December, “Assassin’s Creed.”

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