Weekend Movies: Mixed reviews for “Money Monster,” “High Rise”

hi1Everybody pretty much abandoned this weekend to “Captain America: Actually an Avengers Movie.” It could manage another $80 million at the box office (any less than that is a sign of audience fatigue).

So there’s not a lot of new stuff rolling into theaters.

HOWEVER. I was chatting with a theater manager friend and he was asking about “Money Monster.” Lots of grownup patrons have been asking about it, he said.

“Great marketing,” he added. TV ads in all the right places. So “Money Monster” could have a decent weekend.

The reviews aren’t glowing. This is Jodie Foster’s weakest film as a director. She’s rusty, she’s not a thriller or satire or comedy specialist. All of that shows.

But it should do pretty well, pairing up Clooney and Roberts, with Dominic West as the possible heavy and some nice work around the fringes. The Box Office Guru figures $12 million for the weekend. But with that pedigree and cast, it should do better. It’s not bad, just not great. 

“High Rise” based on a J.G. Ballard novel, is set in the ’70s and feels as if it was shot in the ’70s, pre-“Star Wars” — when sci-fi was intellectually ambitious.

It’s not a classic, but it is thought-provoking, dark and features the omni-present Tom Hiddleston.

There’s a “Pele” movie about the soccer star. Casting a Pele proved to be nigh on impossible. The lead can play, but can’t act. 

“Queen Mimi” is a doc that hits limited release. ALL good reviews for this story of a homeless LA woman adopted by the community that meets her at the local laundramat. Not deep, but upbeat. 

Nobody saw “The Darkness” pre-release, so we’re all getting to it as we can. Studios never want to hide their movies, so when they do, it’s for good reason. Horror is smart counter-programming to a comic book blockbuster, though those audiences do overlap a bit. The Box Office Guru predicts $6 million on its opening weekend, which seems low. Quite low.



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