Box Office: Bond drops over 50%, “Peanuts” doesn’t — “Coopers” not so merry

boxWhen all the numbers had been tallied from last weekend, “Spectre” finished with just around $70 million dollars — a big opening, but over 20% below “Skyfall.”

Will it fall off even more this weekend? Almost. About 51% based on Friday’s numbers, per

It could reach $35 million. “The Peanuts Movie” was neck and neck with it during the week, and stands to do better Saturday than Friday night, but is projecting $24-25 million. That’s a healthy 44% drop, but more than I would guess. Saturday’s numbers are always more telling on kid films.

Not many folks are dying to see an Xmas movie. Now, anyway. “Love the Coopers” is riding scathing reviews into an $8 million opening.

Which is still better than the high-minded bio-pic, “The 33.” Banderas and Lou Diamond Phillips as Chilean miners will manage $5 million, if Friday’s numbers are an indicator.

“My All American,” a faith-based football drama — ANOTHER faith based football drama — cracked the top ten.

In limited release, “Spotlight” about the reporters who broke the Catholic Church’s pedophile-priests scandal, is creaming Angelina/Brad’s “By the Sea.”

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