Weekend Movies: Only one film is earning kudos this Friday the 13th, and it stars Lake Bell

man-upAnd Simon Pegg. That’s Lake “In a World…” Bell, and Simon “Hot Fuzz” Pegg.

They’re the stars of “Man Up,” a genial, edgy rom-com with enough second half twists and turns to make it worth your while. Limited release. Very limited. But if the alternative is, say, “Love the Coopers,” well, there you go.  Anyway, I love that Lake Bell. Truly.

Because “Love the Coopers” wears that label “family holiday comedy” with a weary shame. Seriously, how do you talk three Oscar winners (Keaton, Arkin, Tomei), plus Goodman, Helm, Wilde and Seyfried, into making a mess this treacly?

Maybe by promising each “Hey, it’s a decent check, and you won’t have to work much, as this ensemble is absurdly oversized.”

Terrible reviews. Families may go, because their options appear to be limited this Thanksgiving — a dinosaur cartoon, a “Rocky” sequel, and this.

Poor reviews dog the potentially more inspiration “The 33.” I liked it well enough, but I like Banderas, can tolerate hammy work by Lou Diamond Phillips, and love that happy ending — Thanks, ‘Murica! Viva Chile, mierda!

Everything else, in various stages of limited release, was panned — “My All American,” etc.

Nothing is going to dislodge “Spectre” from the top box office spot this weekend, although “Peanuts” has been neck-and-neck with it every weekday. Perhaps an upset?  I do expect this dog of a Bond picture to swoon and faint on its second weekend.

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