Movie Nation Interview: Questions for Christoph Waltz?

waltzHe’s got two Oscars and is Tarantino’s go to villain or anti hero. He’s the new Bond villain. He’s the grinning Teutonic beast we all love to hate.

But Christoph Waltz’s best work might be charming sweet little Amy Adams into marrying him and painting works that he markets and then takes credit for in Tim Burton’s entertaining “Big Eyes.”

Walter Keane taught Andy Warhol it’s about the pose, the backstory, the hype, “the new” and the commodity that art is. He turned wife Margaret’s “Big Eyed Waif” paintings — they look like Spielbergian aliens to me — into a hip thing, then a popular thing and then a fortune generator. And took credit for painting the works, too.

I’ve never talked to Waltz before, so this should be interesting.

Questions for Christoph Waltz? Comment below, and thanks for the suggestions.

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11 Responses to Movie Nation Interview: Questions for Christoph Waltz?

  1. keith7198 says:

    Fantastic. Love Waltz and “Big Eyes” is high on my must-see list.

  2. Jim Reilly says:

    How many languages can he speak,what is his native language?

  3. – You might want to read this. Don’t ask him about his character or to explain a movie. Done well he gives a great interview; done poorly – he doesn’t suffer fools. Look at his first interview on Charlie Rose in 2009/2010 – it was pretty amazing. And his recent one on KRCW was excellent.

    • That’s a useful link, thanks. Sometimes it takes two or three swipes at a James Earl Jones, a JErry Seinfeld or a Tommy Lee Jones to get a good chat out of it. I’ve lowered expectations for this one.

      • mzaliz says:

        Yep, he will refuse to answer any questions about his character, sometimes politely sometimes very blunt. He’s extremely intelligent, be prepared with intelligent questions. 🙂

      • Well, he’s probably wracked by guilt over two Oscars he secretly knows he didn’t deserve. And more wracked by knowing that some of us agree. Thus, he takes on villain after villain. He wants to do musicals? Not sure he will be allowed to, at this stage. He and they have painted him into a corner.

      • mzaliz says:

        Didn’t deserve?? Wow you just lost my support. C ya

  4. If you think he’s mediocre why bother interviewing him? Or at least why say as much before the interview?

    • “Mediocre” is your word, not mine. Not a big “Inglourious” fan. But he is the best thing in it. The “Django” Oscar was a joke, in that field. And you don’t have to like or think everybody you interview is all that. He’s very good in “Big Eyes.” Thus…

      • Fair enough. There’s little more subjective than assessing art and crafts. Having given it more thought … ask him if he feels he didn’t deserve the Oscars and feels guilty for having done so. Open with it. There’s a chance he’ll reward your bold honesty. I’ve read and watched quite a few interviews with him – he doesn’t like softballs or sycophants, he disdains ignorance and questions he thinks undermines his job (explaining things that don’t need explaining if you see the film) but he likes a good question, a tough question. He clearly likes a good conversation and gives a lot of thought to the things that interest him.

  5. Your interview seems to have gone well ( — how did you feel it went? As you expected?

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