Next Interview: Questions for Ethan Hawke?

ethanEthan Hawke found his groove as an actor sometime, I figure, in the late 90s. His indie film connection to Richard Linklater led to the “Before Sunrise” trilogy with Julie Delpy, and eventually to “Boyhood,” Linklater’s masterpiece, the movie that may win the Texas tyro filmmaker an Oscar.

I’ve interviewed Hawke as the various Linklater films have opened over the years. But the memorable chats are always about the offbeat genre fare that he takes on — “The Purge,”
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead,” “Daybreakers.” He’s had decent luck with chancy films that were never destined for big box office or critical acclaim. In his latest, “Predestination,” he is a time traveling agent of some sort, on his “last mission.” That’s the one description of the film I’ve seen that sticks. I will see if before talking with him, but I thought I’d ask for your submitted questions first.

How about it? Something you’re dying to ask Ethan? Comment below, and thanks for the help.

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