Box Office: “Conjuring” conjures up $41 million, “Warcraft” is huge…in China

war“The Conjuring 2” had a good Saturday to go with its great Thursday night and Friday, enough so that the ever-inching-up estimates for the film’s opening weekend now stands at about $42 million. Good reviews may have helped. They certainly didn’t hurt. 

“Warcraft”, a true #2 movie, in every way, will open at #2 as well. $26 million is how it looks when all the dollars are counted Sunday night. It’s HUUUUUGE in China, an even bigger opening than “Star Wars.” 

And they didn’t even pander to the Chinese market with this “story.”

“Now You See Me 2” is up to about $24, not an awful opening. But it’ll be gone in a thrice.

A pretty good weekend, considering most of the movies out and opening this weekend are crap.


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