Box Office – “Captain America: Civil War” fifth best opening weekend ever


The actual opening number, from’s reported studio estimates early Sat. am, is around $180 million. That’s better than “Iron Man 3” but still not as good as four other popcorn picture opening weekends.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,”  “Jurassic World,” just as much a remake as “Force Awakens,” “The Age of Ultron” (Remember the “Transformers?” Oh, were we ever that young?) outperformed it.

By the way, “The Avengers” was also in that list.

Could be as low as $174, as high as $182, based on how Saturday and Sunday shake out.

Good reviews, overall. It’s a 3D movie (pricier tickets) and on over 4200 screens.

And they opened it Thursday night, giving it a $25 million head start.

It’ll still open $26 million below the all-time best “Avengers” era opening weekend, which should be sobering to all the studios competing to get comic book adaptations out the door in the same limited release window. These things have a ceiling, a finite box office appeal. And even if guys-in-tights fatigue doesn’t seem to be setting in, there’s only so much they can wring out of them, even at inflated 3D prices.

Also of note on this week’s charts, “Mother’s Day” is holding its audience from last weekend. Not setting the world on fire, but Garry Marshall & Co. will have gotten a passable two weeks out of it by the time it fades. $30 million take, by the end, is all it’ll manage. It will have cleared $21 million by Monday AM.

“Keanu” is officially a complete bust, flopping on opening weekend, losing 70% of its audience the second. Key, say goodbye to Peele.

“Batman v. Superman” have both cried all the way to the bank — weak reviews, and they’ll hit the $335 million mark by the time they lose all their screens (next week).





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