Box Office: “Deadpool”dropkicks Jesus, but “Risen” trumps “Witch”


“Deadpool” continues to blow up expectations for a February opening, a winter comic book movie, a Ryan Reynolds picture, what have you.

It’s losing just over half of its opening weekend box office and should pull in $56 million, based on Friday night’s numbers. HUGE hit.

“Risen” is a reasonably well-reviewed, well-cast and scripted faith-based period piece, a “Tale of the Christ,” as they used to put it. And it’s doing a middling $13 million or so on its opening. I dare say that number could go up if Saturday and Sunday turnout is what I figure it will be. Just going by Deadline’s Friday night numbers.

It’ll still do almost double what the well-reviewed horror tale “The Witch,” also a period piece, but perhaps not quite the cup of tea the faithful in that genre are used to. It’s smart, for starters. Period accurate, etc. It’s only managing $8-9 million. A24, the most reliable studio for smart sci fi (“Ex Machina”) is having a harder time selling smart horror.

“Race” isn’t doing squat. Focus Features didn’t quite abandon this Black History Month take on Olympian Jesse Owens. They didn’t screen it in a lot of cities, and reviews aren’t glowing. It is barely in the Top Ten. #blackfilmsmatter?

OK, offended Christians with the headline, horror-heads and everybody else in the story, so…



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