Weekend movies — See “Deadpool” without the kids, ignore “Zoolander,” “Single” is for NYC singles only

deadA mixed weekend for movies, as we’ve learned to expect from February.

The Oscar contenders, most moviegoers have seen. But studios don’t waste  potential blockbusters on the deep winter doldrums.

Thus, movies like “Ghostrider” and “Kingsmen” and (better) “The Lego Movie” pop up and make a mint. Because they’re at least something new on the menu.

“Deadpool” is a seriously adult (comic book nerdy adults especially) Marvel outing with tasty, testy laughs and blood and violence. Ultraviolence.

Great part for Ryan Reynolds, and he knew it and has clung to idea that this franchise will make bank for him for years.

Now, it’s out and it’s as cool and biting as we’d hoped. Great reviews, generally, for this one.

“How to be Single,” loosely based on a best seller in the chick-lit/pseudo-self-help genre, gives Dakota Johnson another chance to play the inexperienced-at-love gal in the city (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) and have a naked sex scene.

And it gives Rebel Wilson a chance to tear the roof off the sucker, wisecracking, dancing, scamming on guys, the lot.

Leslie Mann steals the movie as the older sister (type) who doesn’t want a baby, until she does, doesn’t want Mr. Right until he makes a play for her.

Mixed reviews for “How to Be Single.” Romantic comedies are so hard to get right. Raunchy ones even harder.

“Zoolander 2” was a movie that somebody wanted to see — perhaps only the cast, perhaps the post-theatrical (cable, rental) audience that made the original fashion spoof a cult hit. Ben Stiller fights off the deep onset of Dad (HIS dad) body — barrel chested, spindly legs, etc.

Owen Wilson has lost some of his zing.

But Will Ferrell brings it, and check out the scores and scores of cameos. Stiller has a lot of friends willing to go back and visit his earlier career.


Michael Moore’s new docu-essay/diatribe is scattered, aiming at multiple targets with many points of view. An excuse to visit the Best of Europe (and Tunisia) and suggest that maybe American exceptionalism is being better practiced in places that are doing what we used to do so well — educate and feed our kids, punish bad bankers, etc. “Where to Invade Next” is weak tea, only for the faithful. Reviews have been good, but some of the same easy marks endorsed “Hail, Caesar!” Old habits are hard to break. Sometimes your heroes deliver a dog.

Tiny pictures like “Standoff” and “A War” aren’t good enough to lure the cognoscenti.


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