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Movie Preview: “Youth” promises breathtaking photography, sunny Italy, and a bunch of Oscar winners

Paolo “The Great Beauty” Sorrentino directed “Youth,” with Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel and Rachel Weisz all plopped into Italian locations in a tale of talent, art, age and beauty.

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Movie Review: “7 Chinese Brothers”

Jason Schwartzman may be a little old for the part, but there’s something of a “voice of his generation” spin to his role in “7 Chinese Brothers.” Larry, his character, is sarcastic, smart and utterly disgruntled. Nothing works out for … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “We Are Your Friends”

Dear Zac Efron; We are your fans. Maybe even your friends. But we won’t be either for much longer, if you can’t escape drivel like “We Are Your Friends.” It’s got music, so we can totally see why you’d be … Continue reading

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