Box Office: “Compton” wins again, “Mission” closes in on $200 million, “Ultra” flops

box“Straight Outta Compton” had a week of blowback — women coming forward to complain about the misogyny and beatings they endured from Dr. Dre and other members of NWA, bad “messages” within the film’s cheesy underclad groupie scenes.

And it still wins the box office. Again. It fell off 56%, an average week to week drop. And as of midnight Sunday should stand at about $111 million. A bonafide smash.

It would have been a better movie, more like “Get On Up,” had the filmmakers and the NWA members controlling the script been blunt about that stuff. But would it have been as successful, showing these guys for the woman-beating divas they were? Maybe not.

“Sinister 2,” a horror sequel, did the best of the new openings — hitting #3, clearing $10 million.

“Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation,” is still #2, closing in on $200 million (by the end of next weekend, I figure).

“”Hitman: Agent 47” opened very wide and did about $8 million. Not great.

The best of the weekend’s new openings, “American Ultra,” did a piddling $5 million or so.

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