Weekend Movies: Will bad reviews beat down “X-Men”, “Alice”?

x2A sequel and a franchise finale opened late Thursday.

But bad reviews greeted “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” And weak ones are waving in front of “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

So will what looked like a blockbuster weekend, on paper, best a bust?

One of my indicators is simple interest in reviews of the films. I track this by online traffic here, and while there’s been an ongoing interest in “X-Men,” which I panned three weeks ago, “Alice” looks like an absolute bust.

Box Office Mojo forecasts that Memorial day will belong to the “first class” of “X-Men,” one more time. A three day take of $67 million is forecast.

The typically more accurate Box Office Guru thinks $93 million for what it actually a four day movie weekend. Which explains why Mojo often gets these things wrong. They post screen counts, but they can’t count “Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.”

Mojo figures over $40 for “Alice.” Again, adding up three days. Guru goes to $52.

Those tracks are in sync with each other. I do wonder if the reviews and comic book fatigue will set in on one and the lack of Tim Burton will hurt the other.




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