Box Office: “Zootopia” rules, “Cloverfield” cleans up


Disney is making bank with “Zootopia,” which is managing better second weekend numbers than I would have figured. A 35% or so fall-off, a $51 million weekend.

Viewers responding to its anti-fear, anti-bigotry, anti-elephants refusing to serve animals who are “different” from them?

Maybe. It’s a blockbuster and parents have to relish its messages about not pre-judging others.

“10 Cloverfield Lane” is showing there’s still money in that monster movie franchise. No, JJ Abrams doesn’t want to call it that. Don’t buy the spin, it’s a monster movie. And it’s pulling in over $24 million for the weekend, tops among new films opening.

“The Young Messiah” is bombing. Not even $5 million, unless thousands of churches drag their congregations to Sunday afternoon showings. “Risen,” by comparison, is over $32 million. Better movie, more money.

“The Brothers Grimsby” is the end of Sacha Baron Cohen’s comic headliner days at the movies. He won’t hit $4 million. 

“Deadpool” is now closing in on $330 million.

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