Box Office: “Panda” pounds out another $20, “Caesar” rendered $11

boxofficeThe biggest box office news has to be the failure of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

Movies that pander to horror fans and fanboys (mostly boys) in particular are an iffy proposition. And this one has been talked to death for years as it was planned, cast, re-cast as Natalie Portman dropped out and B-C lister Brits took over.

It’s opening to a pathetic $5 million or so, on all those screens. #zombiefail.

The latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation should be the last (it won’t). A $5 million opening? Stick a fork in’em. He’s done.

Maybe audiences are tiring of the walking dead (Sparks, and other zombies). Movie audiences, anyway.

“Hail, Caesar!” has an exclamation point in the title. Ask Jeb! how that’s working out.

“Caesar” is managing a respectable $11 million or so its opening (Super Bowl) weekend, based on Friday’s numbers.

“Kung Fu Panda 3” is doing $20 million, a fall-off of over 50%.

“Star Wars” has cleared 900 million.

Audiences have spent the money they’re going to spend on this year’s Oscar contenders. None of them is still in the top ten, giving ground to the likes of “The Fifth Wave” and “Dirty Grandpa.” Silly audiences.

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