Netflixable? “Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me”

Here’s a Polish romance whose title is a promise about what it provides. “Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me” is an invitation to a nap.

A corny melodrama with the classic “neglected” wife, “self-absorbed” husband and irresistible “old flame,” the screenwriters throw this thing together without a lot of attention to particulars.

Everything that happens feels contrived. Every character is more sketched-in than fleshed-out. Hell, the two ladies who wrote this give their male leads the first names of actors in the cast in other roles — Janek and Maciej. I’d say “coincidence,” but judging from the product of their typing, the safer bet is that they were that unimaginative and lazy.

Nina (Roma Gasiorowska of “Lesson Plan”) is a working mother of two, a journalist with a lifestyle website. She has a husband (Wojciech Zielinksi) who sloughs off almost all parenting and domestic responsibilities on her, and after nine years all he’s really up for is “a quickie.”

But at least he has his annual solo backpacking trip through Iceland to look forward to.

Her Dad (Jacek Koman) sees it, the way Maciej has “his” car, his work and his life.

“If only only half of the couple sacrifices…”

Her judgmental martinet of a mother (Ewa Wencel) is less understanding. About everything.

And then an old flame is hired to be a reporter under Nina, apparently without her being consulted or even knowing about it. Jacek (Maciej Musial) just shows up and rocks her flashbacks. It won’t be long, we know, before this underling is under him.

Every script twist throwing them together is as obvious as every character trait/action that points to a doomed marriage. Every line of dialogue is as bad in English as it was in the original Polish.

“I feel so...valued by you.” “I like your driving. It’s…gentle.

The attractive leads have chemistry and the potential for sparks, but there’s no getting past the naps before and after that moment when somebody insists “Tonight, you’re sleeping with me.”

Rating: TV-MA, sex, nudity

Cast: Roma Gasiorowska, Maciej Musial, Wojciech Zielinski, Jacek Koman and Ewa Wencel

Credits: Directed by Robert Wichrowski, scripted by Anna Janyska and Anna Szczypczynska. A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:33

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