Box Office: “Allegiant” falls to “Zootopia,” “Heaven” third


The dying “Divergent” franchise, a cut-and-paste knock-off of “Hunger Games,” “The Giver,” and every other Young Adults save us from Dytopia book-movie, took in enough Friday to suggest it’ll manage a $30 million weekend.

Despite the worst reviews of the series. And that, by the way, is the weakest opening of any of these movies. The fact that Summit/Lionsgate greedily split this last lap around lameness into two pictures is being questioned. As it should be. The last “Hunger Games” (middling, but not nearly so much as “Divergent”) suffered the same fate — two action starved action pictures instead of one with a modicum of violence.

“Miracles from Heaven” opened Wednesday to upbeat reviews and half-decent business. By midnight Sunday, this faith-based sick-kid drama will have rounded up $16 million in ticket sales.

“Cloverfield Lane” fell off 45%+, which is just average. Considering all the critical swooning for this “Room with Aliens”, and fanboy enthusiasm (opening weekend) that’s got to be a let down.

“Zootopia” is headed for another $40 million weekend. Wow.

“Deadpool” is closing in on $350.

“The Revenant” is finishing off its time in the top ten post-Oscars at roughly $185 million.

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