Weekend Movies — “Intern” doesn’t get hired, check out of “Hotel Transvlvania” again

It’s a great weekend…for panned movies opening wide in these United States.

“Pawn Sacrifice” opens wider. So there’s that.

But “The Intern” is a creaking, edge-free rom-com without the rom. Robert DeNiro is the stiff, nice  senior citizen intern brought on board a Manhattan women’s fashion Internet startup.

Anne Hathaway is the nerdy/weepy entrepreneur who keeps crying at the board of director’s efforts to hire a CEO over her head, and her Napoleon Dynamite look-alike husband who is cheating on her. On ANNE HATHAWAY.

Not away, just retro and limp. Weak shrugs dominate the reviews for this one.

Adam Sandler’s leading man days are winding down. He can only find any audience at all in these crummy ensemble comedies he’s been inclined toward for years and years. “Pixels” didn’t deliver, and suggests he’s not worth any big budget gamble. So a lot of his cronies are going to have to find other jobs.

“Hotel Transylvania 2” isn’t half bad, for all that. OK, half-bad about covers it. More laughs than the animated original. Good sight gags. VERY small kid friendly. Reviews are DOA, however.

“Mississippi Grind” opens today in limited release. It’s been out on various VOD platforms for weeks, so they didn’t figure Ryan Reynolds was a good enough box office gamble to reverse the order of that release. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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