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Movie Review: “Black Mass”

Can Johnny Depp still surprise us? After all these years, all those earrings, all that “Yo ho ho,” can he still deliver, as an actor? The answer that “Black Mass” gives us is “Yes.” As Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger,” … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Pawn Sacrifice”

Americans with any pop culture mileage at all remember the story of a chess player winning the Cold War. It’s right up there with a hockey team winning the Cold War, and Olympic officials and a basketball team losing it … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “90 Minutes in Heaven”

Something about the mere trailers to the new faith-based drama “90 Minutes in Heaven” just reeks of cynicism. Hayden “Anakin Skywalker” Christensen as a Texas preacher pronounced dead after a car accident who claims he went to heaven? For a … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “The Perfect Guy”

The first hit film of the fall is an utterly generic, totally predictable stalker thriller aimed at an African American audience. Sanaa Lathan is the super-successful lobbyist Leah, parking her Caddy in front of her designer house, stepping out in … Continue reading

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