Movie Review: “Some Kind of Hate”

hate1“Some Kind of Hate” is a slasher/splatter thriller about a troubled teen who gains revenge on those who bullied him through the ghost of a girl bullied into cutting herself to death.

And if that doesn’t scare you off, well friend, read on.

Lincoln (Ronen Rubinstein, now THERE’S a stage name!) is a bullied teen who loses himself in the thrashing tones of death metal. It doesn’t make him violent, he says. It’s how he copes. .

His drunken biker-dad threatens him, kids at school gang up on him. When he lashes out and slashes one, he’s sent off to the county-approved Mind’s Eye rehab camp. It’s a desert outpost where they “destroy the impulse that got you here.”

That’s according to the cultish figure (Michael Polish) who runs the joint.

The kids are a mix of “bad girls” and “mean girls” “cutters” and “porn hackers” and bullies. When word gets out about how Lincoln was sent there, the thugs gang up on him to test him. Fighting back is pointless, even if the Mean Girl (Grace Phipps) is into Lincoln, and all about giving him bad advice as she tempts him with her show of skin.

In a teary rage, he yells “I wish they were all dead, I wish they were all dead!”

That summons the ghost of cutter past, Moira (Sierra McCormick). Her method of revenge? She hacks at herself, and the victim suffers the wounds, too. Poetic, isn’t it?

This might have been a routine teens-going-wrong exploitation thriller set in an under-supervised facility where the treatment is worse than the cure. Director Adam Egypt Mortimer certainly dresses them that way — all short-shorts and sports bras and muscle shirts and hormones and what not.

But the supernatural blood spilling, with each bully-victim shrieking “What do you WANT from me?” as they get their comeuppance, takes the picture into more exploitive directions.

None of them interesting. Throw in the fact that this razor-blading of bodies is terribly unpleasant to watch and you haven’t got a winner. “Some Kind of Hate” is perfectly hateful, just not entertaining.


MPAA Rating:unrated, with graphic violence, sexual content, profanity

Cast: Ronen Rubinstein,  Grace Phipps, Sierra McCormick, Michael Polish

Credits: Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, script by Brian DeLeeuw and Adam Egypt Mortimer.  An RLJ Entertainment release.

Running time: 1:22

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