First Preview: “Logan” lets the Wolverine exit with feeling

The only reason the X-Men franchise was never less than half-interesting was Hugh Jackman’s iconic — yes, that’s the right word — portrayal of Wolverine. From the very first X-Men film, he was the magnetic center, a very good actor turning a comic book character into flesh and bone and metal talons. Impossible to think of anybody else in that part, now.

I’ve enjoyed the iterations of Magneto and Xavier through the franchise films and its prequels, but Wolverine is still the draw. And letting him age out of the part is gutsy and inspired. They never let James Bond get old, world-weary and grizzled. Same with “The Terminator,” for that matter.

Wolverine deserves better. Fox is sending him off, it would appear, with some class. “Logan,” the furry one’s real name, opens March 3.

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