Xmas Box Office: “Daddy’s Home” blows up, “Concussion” sleeps it off

box-officeSure, another blockbuster weekend for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is here. Over $140 million, based on Christmas Day/Friday numbers.

But the shocker has to be the staying power of Will Ferrell.  “Daddy’s Home” smelled like a hit. Not with critics, mind you. But it’s Will being Will and Wahlberg playing the bully. And that’s enough. A $40 million+ weekend is unfolding for this latest odd coupling.

“Sisters” is actually doing better this weekend than it did on opening weekend, as the ladies like to laugh, too, and the holiday has everybody off and in a moviegoing frame of mind. “Star Wars” primes the pump, people see posters and trailers for movies they might want to see as well, and voila, a big boost to the BO results.

“Joy” is opening a lot bigger than “The Big Short.” One’s a bio-comedy that doesn’t work by an Oscar-burnished cast and crew. The other is…complicated. Funny, but about the financial bust and bubble of 2008 and how it happened.

Over $21 million for “Joy,” just over half that for “Big Short.”

“Concussion” will do about $12, much to the relief of the NFL.

“Point Break” will manage even less. Patrick Swayze’s ghost is grinning somewhere. Under $10.

“Hateful Eight” will clear $4 million on just 100 screens. “Revenant” will hit half a million on just 4.




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