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Movie Preview: “Interstellar”

Here’s the first full trailer to Christopher Nolan’s space epic. Matthew McConaughey and Michael Caine are the Oscar winners starring in it. The reason for being? Kind of a call for us to redouble our efforts to go “beyond” and … Continue reading

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Next screening: “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return”

It’s an animated offering with a lot of names in the cast and an untested studio behind it. L. Frank Baum’s books are in the public domain, and animation is still the most consistently lucrative corner of the business (expensive, … Continue reading

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Today’s screening: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Have to admit, I was underwhelmed with the re-booted “Spider-Man,” the cynicism behind doing it, the Tony Perkins-ish leading man, the whole emotionally sterile/bottom line nature of the thing. So it is with a modicum of trepidation that I approach … Continue reading

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Next screening: “Belle”

A period piece about an illegitimate, mixed-raced beauty raised by her aristocratic uncle (Tom Wilkinson), “Belle” could be a breakthrough role for Gugu Mbatha-Raw, of English and South African ancestry. And in a posh period piece, no less. Matthew Goode, … Continue reading

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Comic Book movies and the death of the great film score

A lot goes into making a popcorn movie what Roger Ebert called “an out of body experience.” The blockbusters may be bigger than ever, these days. Each new “Star Trek” or Marvel or DC Comics adaptation sets new standards for … Continue reading

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Scarlett Johansson shows us what Luc Besson had in mind for her in “Lucy”

The French action auteur — producer, cop and immigrant bashing Luc Besson — has his new muse. And her name is Scarlett J. This has Besson-style action beats, a ruthless heroine whose accidental ingesting of a drug turn her “Limitless.” … Continue reading

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An eye-popping new trailer announces “Jupiter Ascending”

The story — with Mila Kunis as a working girl who doesn’t realize she’s a princess or queen or whatnot. sought by evil overlords (Eddie Redmayne), protected by Channing Tatum, Sean Bean and others — seems run of mill. Run … Continue reading

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Next screening: “The Unknown Known”

It’s the Erroll Morris take on another secretary of defense, this one Donald Rumsfeld. His manner of thinking, his means of making decisions, the odd turns and twists in his career. For those who remember EM and his combative interview … Continue reading

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Next Screening: “Dom Hemingway”

Jude Law’s the randy, rough ex-con who has a Come to Jesus (or at least the Emergency Room) moment that shakes up that life and puts him back in touch with the daughter he didn’t get to see grow up. … Continue reading

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The New Big Screen “Peanuts,” sentimental, or cynical?

Unlike “Mr Peabody & Sherman,” the new “Peanuts” adaptation seems to be hewing closer to its TV roots — same Vince Guaraldi music, same SFX for Snoopy’s voice. But what’s the story, and seriously, how good can it be? Every … Continue reading

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