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Movie Review: “Wonder” is a Weeper That Earns Its Tears…up to a point

Tear-jerkers are always manipulative movies, and “Wonder” is no different. But tear-jerkers (weepers, if you prefer) that earn those tears honestly are a cut above mere manipulation. And “Wonder,” through depictions of the burdens shouldered by its characters, through jolting … Continue reading

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Summer Cinema 2017 was a big-time bust

Summer 2017 at the movies finished with the worst weekend box office take in over 20 years, the worst August in forever and a stunning general decline in ticket sales — 13.4% down from last summer, 5.4% down for the … Continue reading

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“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” — the new trailer

Still having a lot of trouble not rolling my eyes over this remake, but if you’re a fan, go nuts.

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Next screening: Melissa McCarthy in “Tammy,” heres the UK trailer

Does American comedy travel? Not that well, according to the not-that-strong box office returns of most Hollywood laughers. A few major stars open their pictures well overseas, but is Melissa McCarthy one of them? This UK trailer for her raunchy … Continue reading

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Movie Preview: “Birdman,” the teaser trailer

Michael Keaton’s March comeback didn’t happen, despite national magazine profiles built around that notion. Quick quiz–which spring film was supposed to launch him on that trail? Hint, Aaron Paul was behind the wheel in it. Here’s the “one-time screen superhero … Continue reading

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Movie Preview: “Song of the Sea” is the Irish animated follow-up to “Secret of Kells”

The trailer suggests a little of the magic of “The Secret of Kells.” Same Irish animation studio, Cartoon Saloon. More of a fairytale quality (though “Kells” had that, in addition to history and Vikings). Just lovely. Finnula Flanagan and Brendan … Continue reading

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Next screening: “Cold in July”

Michael C. Hall and Sam Shepard star in this thriller about a father stumbling into a murderous ex-con. Don Johnson and Vinessa Shaw also star, so this indie picture is aiming for an older demographic.

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Movie Preview: Denzel & Fuqua’s “Equalizer” plays up the blood

“The Equalizer” was a more chilling than overtly violent TV series. Edward Woodward played the guy as a canny professional always a step or two ahead of the villains he was out to foil. The Antoine Fuqua/Denzel Washington version plays … Continue reading

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Movie Preview: “The Hundred Foot Journey”

It’s East meets West, in a culinary sense, in rural France in this — yet another culinary comedy. Helen Mirren is the big name in the cast, playing a famed French chef, maybe who’s lost her edge, when an Indian … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s first screening, “Night Moves” with Jesse Eisenberg

In description, this seems a bit like “The East,” that eco-terrorist film starring Brit Marling, Ellen Page and others. “Night Moves” stars Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning as eco-terrorists out to blow up a hydro dam. We are…intrigued. Eisenberg keeps … Continue reading

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