BOX OFFICE: “Shazam!” sequel opens without an exclamation point, “Scream VI” keeps stabbing away

This much is in obvious in watching, even if you’re not taking notes and reviewingShazam! Fury of the Gods.”

It’s a movie whose one joke was told in the original film, a decent sized hit for New Line/DC. And everything they add to the sequel just paints the picture further into a corner. It opens with nowhere to go, and that extends to the box office prospects as well. is saying it could stumble out of the gate with just a $30 million take, which doesn’t really cover the cost of adding Dame Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu to the operation. While Deadline is historically off in predicting the matinee numbers of kid-friendly films, audience awareness/eagerness tracking suggests this thing isn’t headed in that direction.

It managed just under $12 million with Thursday previews and all-day Friday business. So anything over $35 million for an opening will be as close to a “win” as this redundant dog gets.

“Scream VI” is holding 40% of its opening weekend box office, and looks to add $18 to the pot, pushing it over the $75 million mark all-in by midnight Sunday.

“Creed III” is sticking around, taking in $15 or so.

“65” fell off steeply enough to qualify as a bomb, pulling in under $6 million this weekend. Adam Driver is not box office.

“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is still making just under $5 this weekend and should finish its run in the $220 million range a few weeks hence.

“Cocaine Bear” has sobered up a bit, just under $4 million by midnight Sunday. It’ll clear the $60 million mark next week, another feature in Elizabeth Banks’ cap.

“Jesus Revolution” has done pretty well, with another $3.5 pulling it close to $50 million, which it will clear by next weekend.

“Champions” bombed. Under $3 million this weekend, barely over $10 all in.

“Avatar: The Shape of Water” gets another weekend in the top ten (it should sit at $678 million domestic by midnight Sunday). “John Wick” may be the assassin who kills it off as a top ten picture.

And “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” enjoys a little more “only animated offering out there” weekend, with under $2 million still leaving it well short of $200 million in the US.

Weekend take updated via Box Office Pro? See below.

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