An Oscar night long on Emotion…and long

I like the idea of an Oscars that isn’t hurried. They were still “playing people off” at the 95th Academy Awards, and some needed it. But most did not.

Let people finish their thoughts. The laundry list speeches are still around, but come on. We come for the weeping and the narcissism.

They brought back all the categories. And gave Jimmy Kimmel the sort of indulgence and license they used to give Billy Crystal. A few laughs, more than a few cringes.

That was in keeping with Disney slapping its brand all over a telecast that didn’t feature Disney winners. I heard a rumor that non animated “Little Mermaid” is coming soon. You?


The Oscars ran long but so what? You go to bed and check out YouTube the next AM and see and hear what you missed. 3:42 is still short by Super Bowl standards.

The show made for some great television. Lady Gaga stripped down, emoting and belting and getting attention for not shocking, a Bollywood dance number, Salma and Antonio, winning pairings all up and down the line.

And tearful speeches from the sentimental favorites who won in almost every category.

Angela Bassett and Brendan Gleeson and Colin and Ms Deadwyler had better get Oscar worthy offerings in the near future. If there’s any justice in this annual popularity contest, they will.


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