Box Office: “Peculiar Children” rule, “Deepwater” floats, “Masterminds” bomb



Tim Burton’s Harry Potterish “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” is showing he still has a brand name at the box office, as late night Thursday and all-day Friday numbers put the film on track to hit $26 million or so on its opening weekend. Will that let it break even? Middling reviews suggest “Not so fast.”

Louisiana, as has been its wont, gave away the bank in incentives to get “Deepwater Horizon” made. So the break even bar is lower, and the film is opening to very good reviews and a possible $20 million opening weekend.

“Masterminds,” a caper comedy that was sort of dumped out this weekend by Relativity, is doing poorly. Zach Galifianakis still isn’t box office, nor is Kristen Wiig. Owen Wilson is no longer that big a draw. Figure $6 million will be a “win” for this “true” NC rubes rob an armored car company.

“Storks” and “Sully” are holding onto a much higher percentage of their audience than “Magnificent Seven,” which is falling off 50-55% on its second weekend (about average for an action film).

“Queen of Katwe” is doing pretty good in limited release, cracking the top ten with 1200 theaters. 

“Bridget Jones” is officially over and done with, barely over $20 million by the end of its third weekend.

“Suicide Squad” is in the top ten, which tells you how weak the fall films have performed.

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