Movie Review: Let’s doze through “Pillow Party Massacre”

Pillow Party Massacre” is such a terrorizing tease.

You title your movie that, you’re promising three things. It won’t be unlike all the assorted “Slumber Party Massacre” C-movies that preceded it. There’ll be some titillation — frolicking in sleepwear, slapping and tickling with pillows, maybe even accompanied by nudity.

College coed underwear can be so flimsy these days.

And the slaughter will be gratuitous and creatively comical. That is the point of a slasher/splatter pic, right?

Writer-director Calvin Morie McCarthy and his cast and crew rarely deliver on those promises.

The premise is lame. A spring prom prank played on a pranks-prone sexually active member of their not-quite-mean-girl gang prompts a murder. Years later, that aggrieved prom queen escapes from a mental hospital and bodies start piling up even before the survivors (Laura Welsh, Jax Kellington, Chyna Rae Shurts, Allegra Sweeney and Nicolette Pullen) head toward that fancy “cabin” up on Burnt Chimney Lake.

As things start to look “sketchy,” one coed purrs “I’ve seen this horror movie,” and a park service cop cracks “What is this, the Washington (State) chainsaw massacre?”

Such wits.

The acting isn’t awful, but stupid reactions the characters are coached to deliver to this moment of peril or that friend’s imiment death are laughable. Butcherings are both graphic and comically fake.

The special effects are so amateurish as to look like continuity errors.

But yes, there is a pillow fight and yes, a top pops off. Since you asked.

Rating: unrated, graphic violence, nudity, profanity

Cast: Laura Welsh, Jax Kellington, Chyna Rae Shurts, Allegra Sweeney, Nicolette Pullen and
Savannah Raye Jones

Credits: Scripted and directed by Calvin Morie McCarthy A Breaking Glass release.

Running time: 1:27

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  1. MJ says:

    I’m only glad it wasn’t my time wasted. Thank you for sacrificing yourself to save so many!

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