A taste of the “real” Matthew McConaughey?

There’s this event our Oscar winning King of the “Just Keep Living (JK Livin’) ethos is promoting.

This trailer or commercial for it gets at the essence of Matthew McConaughey — laid back, cocksure, shirtless if he needs to be, a tad messianic about his way of looking at the world.

He’s like a better looking, kinder, gentler Russell Brand, if no dumber or smarter (which would be news to that delusional Britcon).

You can see the Airstream that MM toured America promoting one of the last bombs he made before transforming into an Oscar winner with a charmingly flaky persona.

One of the times I caught up with him was sitting on lawn chairs in front of that American classic recreational trailer wrapped in a “Sahara” poster — shirtless — of course. This is closer to the”real” MM than your typical chat show appearance.

He’s of the opinion that we’d all be better off if we were a lot more chill. “Be like Matthew,” in other words.

There’s been talk of him running for governor of Texas, an effort to unemploy the hate-filled incompetent tumor who has run the Lone Star state into the ditch.

Let’s see if he does it. April 24 at 10 am Eastern, we may get an idea.


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