BOX OFFICE: “Creed III” punches above its weight, “Ruse de Guerre” struggles, “Cocaine Bear” stays high

A $7 million Thursday folded into a $22 million Friday ensures that the third film in the (alleged) “Creed” trilogy will have the biggest opening in that “Rocky” spinoff franchise. is projecting $51 for “Creed III,” as of Sat AM, so figure $55-60 ($58 and change is the Sunday AM estimate). Not a very good script, but some good fights and wonderful acting make it safe bet for fans of the fight, the genre and the series.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is losing screens and has finally faded from the top five. Not a bad run for a Christmas release.

“Ant-Man/The Wasp/Quantumania” is fading a lot faster than that, but $12 million or so will give it a second place showing.

That’s barely more than the second weekend of “Cocaine Bear,” which is in selling tickets at a $10-11 million pace.

“Jesus Revolution” is holding audience and sticking around, another $7-8 million this weekend, which could put it over $30 by Sunday, Monday at the latest. That’s a faith-based hit.

The Crunchyroll anime action epic, “Demon Slayer into the Swordsmith Village” is on a $4 million path.

That’s better than Guy Ritchie’s final Jason Statham reunion. “Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre” will clear $3, but not much more than that. It deserves better.

“Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” is winding down its run ($2.3) and looks to hit the $180-185 line before losing its screens.

“80 for Brady” will bow out of the top ten next weekend, having earned just over $40, all in .

“Magic Mike: The Last Dance” will be out of the top ten by next weekend as well. Good riddance.


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