BOX OFFICE: Warner Brothers treats “Magic Mike” like “House Party,” will it clear $10 million?

They didn’t screen this dog widely, hiding it from most critics until opening night. And the reviews reflected the damaged goods that “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” turned out to be. is noting that Warner Brothers is also “not reporting numbers” on its “preview” Thursday night or Friday. They didn’t do that for “House Party” either, which was also smuggled into theaters, largely review-free.

So, maybe a $10 million weekend, maybe $11 as this beefcake drama with a female audience in mind lures women away from the Super Bowl?

That “House Party” comparison may be telling. I was thinking, about 45 minutes into it this somewhat excruciating cinema sit-thru that perhaps this was never intended to go theatrical. Something about the HBO Max/theatrical post pandemic streaming model that didn’t really work and was abandoned is in play here.

In any event, anything over $10 million and it’ll win the weekend.

How thin is the selection at your local cineplex? James Cameron’s “Titanic” is back, and will be the third biggest ticket seller for the weekend, over $6.4 million.

James Cameron’s “Avatar: The Way of Water” will edge it for second place –$6.5-6.8 million or so worth of tickets sold.

“80 for Brady” is still selling tickets at a discount price for an older audience. It’ll do another $5-6 million in business, and by Monday AM will be over $20 million.

Tom Brady’s latest “retirement” announcement was timed to give this limp noodle of a comedy a boost. Shocked that no sportswriters picked up on this. I won’t be shocked if he suddenly “unretires” again. But he has that huge Fox Sports payday awaiting him, even if the promise of the broadcast booth isn’t easy points for him.

As his cameo in the film points out, the guy’s got no personality. Will that work on TV? The day-late and dollar short sports world chattering classes are finally starting to wonder about that, too.

“Brady” won last week’s weekday sweepstakes, rather handily, as M. Night Shyamalan’s “Knock at the Cabin” fell off a cliff after opening weekend and is looking at well under $5 million, a 72% PLUNGE is in store for its second weekend. He’s having better luck with streaming series. Perhaps Night should get a clue.

This would have been a good weekend to open another Indian blockbuster for domestic consumption, as they’ve been selling tickets in big cities, far and wide. But no.


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