The song they left out of the new “Little Mermaid?”

Considering the stiff and static new version of “The Little Mermaid” runs some 50 minutes LONGER than the classic it is remaking, the only reason to leave this out is…the violence.

If you’re giving us photo real (and emotionless) fish and crustaceans, I guess no one wants to see them hacked, filleted and fricasseed.

This scene’s omission illustrates my big complaints about the stiff live-action/FX-filled remake. This animation is fluid, it dances. The crab and the chef are emotive, all broad bouncy gestures easily registering with the viewer, especially the little kids for whom this masterpiece was made.

The new film lacks that riot of color and motion, scenes that literally dance, all overlapping, overlaying and stuffing the screen with fun and emotion.


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