Movie Review: A Loser is Determined to become “Andy Somebody”

As comic thrillers go, “Andy Somebody” isn’t much.

It’s about a put-upon accountant who steals from a loathesome, abusive and thoroughly crooked California plastic surgeon and said surgeon’s efforts to recover his ill-gotten gains.

There are no thrills in this pursuit or the assorted “showdowns” that fold into it. There’s nothing funny about it, either. Proof? Two cops are staking out the shady surgeon (Jonathan Buckley) and notice Andy (Jeremy Evans, who co-wrote this) have a little private tantrum to himself on a fire escape.

“He seems mad…like IKEA’s having an online sale but the shop floor’s not matching what the online ad says.”

A hired-goon (Jacob Bruce) catches up with Andy, his writer-pal Joy (Leslie Wong) and a couple of other folks in a seedy motel. The goon needs to search the room for the missing loot, so he sends his hostages elsewhere.

“All right, into the bathroom. EVERYbody. Fred, Daphne, Shaggy…Velma.”

Hilarious, right?

The production values are student film “indie,” a couple of decent compositions, a lot of other “ugly” shots, with continuity errors (Andy’s beard comes and goes, and not just in scenes after he’s supposed to have shaved it off) and the like. The acting rarely rises to the level of “middling.”

The plot is cut-and-pasted from a thousand better thrillers, only dumber, with scenes that serve zero purpose and jokes nobody would find funny.

And there’s nobody in it you’ve ever heard of or seen before.

But it’s still somebody’s bargain basement baby, so the polite thing to do is wish them all well, “better luck next time” and all that. I’m not getting those 90 minutes back, so no sense belaboring it.

Rating: unrated, violence, profanity

Cast: Jeremy Evans, Leslie Wong, Jonathan Buckley, Jacob Bruce

Credits: Directed by Jesse David Ing, scripted by Jesse David Ing and Jeremy Evans. A Launch Release on Vudu, et al.

Running time: 1:23


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