Movie Review: A Wan Romance from Wilmington — “Remember Yesterday”

For a movie set and shot in Wilmington, N.C., a romance that’s about making a movie in Wilmington, N.C., “Remember Yesterday” certainly gets a lot of movie-making basics wrong.

It’s an amateurish amble through pre-production on location, with a prodigal filmmaking son (Adrian Monte) and his “assistant” (the world’s only Fracaswell Hyman) sleepwalking through sleepy Wilmington, enjoying nightly piano bar get-togethers, all for a film about to shoot in “Hollywood East.”

The locals are interested, but as no one in this low-budget bore is capable of acting “excited,” they aren’t all worked up over a new film.

When our heroine, Jenny (Jana Allen), the returning filmaker’s “gal he left behind,” gripes that “North Carolina government doesn’t let us HAVE movies here, any more,” you’d think the townsfolk would be all atwitter at new opportunities rolling in.

Maybe they know what Jenny and the chap who wrote and directed this do not. Wilmington is still a major production hub. Film production is old hat there.

Jenny, a waitress down at the We Serve on Paper Plates diner, just dumped her cheating, alcoholic husband (Ron Fallica). That’s good timing, because John Raymond (Monte) is checking on and prepping, with a crack production team of...two, to make this “Remember Yesterday” picture.

Maybe there’s a part for frustrated singer/dancer/actress Jenny? Maybe there’s still some spark between them?

Nah. Not really.

Writer-director J.R. Rodriguez gives us a bland cast and a colorful setting rendered just as colorless as he can imagine, an instantly-forgettable film with little Wilmington flavor.

Perhaps these are the best locations they could manage on this budget.

The same goes for the players, none of whom sounds like the Southerners who still live in and around a town that’s still home to its share of film and TV production.

Scene after lifeless scene saunters by, with nothing and no one grabbing our interest as they do.

A limited collection of flashbacks show the childhoods and young love of Jenny and John, but fail to sentimentalize the past or warm up a tepid present.

How can we be expected to “Remember Yesterday” when the movie about it is as forgettable as this?

Rating: unrated, alcohol abuse

Cast: Jana Allen, Adrian Monte, Jenique Bennett, Rick Forrester, Ron Fallica, Mirla Criste and Fracaswell Hyman

Credits: Scripted and directed by J.R. Rodriguez. A Gravitas Ventures release.

Running time: 1:16


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