How to fix “Skyfall’s” Aston Martin problem

ImageWatching “Skyfall” again with my wife, I appreciated the clockwork cleverness of the piece, the relish Javier Bardem brings to the eye-rolling/bitchy and sometimes homoerotic touches as the villain.

My favorite moments remain that opening gambit — the chase where Bond trashes a passenger car on a train to keep from losing his quarry, tumbles through the wrecked roof, picks himself up and shoots his cuffs — and the Moneypenny reveal.

I was fine with Albert Finney’s “Lion of the English cinema” cameo as the caretaker of the estate, until he referred to Bond’s father’s “hunting rifle.” When it’s a shotgun. What the hey? Nobody caught that?

And being a British car lover (I spend weekends in, and working on, my ’73 Triumph TR6), I’m perplexed as to why the screenwriters and Sam Mendes didn’t find a more graceful way to bring the “Goldfinger” Aston Martin DB5 back to help commemorate 50 years of Bond, James Bond.

Why would this youngish Bond have that car, with ejector seat and machine guns, etc.?

He wouldn’t. But since he’s transporting “M” into hiding, luring Mr. Silver (Bardem) into a trap, why did it never occur to one and all to have it be HER car, “retired, off the books”?

She could have directed Bond to the storage garage where it is parked, said something like “I got it for my late husband,” or some such, and suggested they drive it so that they cannot be tracked.

And she could have made a joke that would have poked fun at Daniel Craig’s rumored inability to drive such a car when he first got the role of Bond James Bond.

“Can you drive a stick?”

Just a thought.

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  1. brassai says:

    My thought when I saw the car, ” Oh god, please don’t destroy that beauty.” Of course I knew they would.

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