Next interview: Questions for Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons and Jake Abel about “The Host”?

“The Host” was Stephenie Meyer’s follow-up to her blockbuster “Twilight” novels.

It’s about a world that’s been taken over by aliens, “Souls,” who have moved into human hosts and taken over their bodies.

It’s about free will, after a fashion. The aliens clean up humanity’s mess and are, essentially, non violent.

And it’s got another “Twilight” love triangle — two surviving humans, Max Irons and Jake Abel play them, struggling for the heart and mind of a girl (Saoirse Ronan) who is fighting this alien possession.

I’m talking with Meyer, Max and Jake. Ideas for questions? I’ve seen the movie, not read the book (films have to stand on their own, so you don’t want to read a book right before you see a movie).

Looking for tips about what to ask. If you have an idea, post it as a comment, and thanks for the help.


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